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Achieve More - Level 1: Discovering Journal Articles

Library guide for Achieve More level 1 provided by the University of Sheffield Library


In most academic fields, the latest research findings are usually published as articles in academic journals  (what is an academic journal?). Most academic journals are peer-reviewed, which means that any articles have been assessed by experts who check that they meet the standards necessary for publication (what is scholarly peer review?). This page introduces some of the online search tools you can use to find journal articles.


How to plan your search

Learn about databases and how to plan your search for your project:

Discovering ...


Critical Thinking

Learn about choosing the best information sources for your project:



Use StarPlus to discover journal articles

The Library subscribes to thousands of online journals which you won't be able to access via Google or even Google scholar. 

Use ‘Articles and More’ in StarPlus to search across thousands of online journals to find the latest research in your area.

Search StarPlus - Articles and More:

Taking your search further

You may be able to find everything you need in StarPlus, but if you want to take your search further try using a specialist database.

Two of the biggest which cover all subjects are Scopus and Web of Science

Find other key databases for your subject 

How to Read a Scholarly Article

How to Read a Scholarly Article from Western Libraries - Western University



Using Scopus and Web of Science

Don't know how to use Scopus or Web of Science?

Guide to using Scopus

Guide to using Web of Science


Achieve More Level 1