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Achieve More - Level 1: Discovering Images

Library guide for Achieve More level 1 provided by the University of Sheffield Library


Adding photographs, illustrations, videos or music can be a great way to help communicate your ideas.  However you need to be careful when using someone else’s work.  Many creative works are protected by copyright law which restricts their use. To be on the safe side it is often easier to create your own media as this means you will be the copyright owner.

Creative Media - CiCS

Creative Media




Discovering images

Always check to see if you’re allowed to share, copy or reuse something before including it in your project. Images from these sites are available without charge and free of copyright restrictions under CC0 (Creative Commons 0) or are in the Public Domain:

The Public Domain Review The British Library on Flickr
Pexels Flickr - The Commons
Pixabay StockSnap
Negative Space Jay Mantri

Example of attribution

Even when attribution is not required it is good practice to credit the creator and the source. Try to add as much information as you can and a link to source and/or creator.

See example below:

Plagiarism - University of Sheffield Library

Achieve More Level 1