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Library guide to support student dissertations

Library research skills

The Library provides support for the development of your research skills while undertaking your dissertation or research project. 

Research skills for dissertations masterclassThese extended online workshops combine a range of short sessions covering the following topics, delivered by staff from the Library and 301: Academic Skills Centre:

  • Planning your dissertation (301: Academic Skills Centre)
  • Searching for and questioning information
  • Referencing tips and tricks
  • Discovering and using images and infographics

Please note that further workshop dates may be added later in the teaching semester.

Please book using the links below:
Tuesday 11th June, 10am-12pm Online webinar
Thursday 20th June, 10am-12pm Online webinar

We also offer the following complementary online tutorials, videos, and guides:

Research Skills and Critical Thinking online tutorials, videos and guides

Workshops and webinarsWe run a variety of workshops and webinars which you may find useful when working on your dissertation or research project:


Online tutorials, videos, and guides

Here is a selection of research skills and critical thinking tutorials to support you in your dissertation:

Creating Docs IconProducing a literature review

literature review aims to give an overview of the current scholarly understanding of a particular topic, including any competing theories or perspectives. 

Discovering IconDiscovering information

Discovering is the literacy which enables learners to develop search strategies and utilise a broad range of generic and discipline specific resource discovery tools. Information discovery might be guided, inquiry based, or serendipitous.

Referencing IconReferencing

Referencing is the literacy which enables learners to acknowledge the work of others, building on their own analysis of existing knowledge. It also enables learners to attribute sources by creating citations and generating accurate bibliographies.

Developing an effective system for keeping track of your references is an essential element of research: Reference management.

Questioning iconEvaluating information and critical thinking

Learn how to think critically about your information sources, and evaluate information that you find to ensure that it is reliable, accurate, of good quality, and relevant to your assignment.

understanding iconAcademic writing

Understanding more about academic writing, and the conventions of your discipline, can help you develop confidence and make improvements to your written work. Our colleagues in 301 have produced this useful resource to support you.

Creating image iconImages

Use images for a variety of purposes in your academic work: Discovering ImagesCreating and Using ImagesUnderstanding and Questioning ImagesAttributing Images.

Communicating IconIntroduction to infographics

Learn how to communicate with infographics: a visual medium perfect for communicating complex information and data simply.

understanding iconActive reading for understanding  

Learn how to read an academic text effectively. 

understanding iconHow to read a journal article 

Learn what scholarly journals are, what type of information they publish, and how to read them effectively.                 0114 222 7200                     01952 783022